Monday, August 11, 2008

fly away home

my mom's critiques are based on if she thinks the piece is pretty or not. obviously this one did not fall into that category. it is called "fly away home". it is smaller than i normally work, very intimate. it is based on the children poem ladybug ladybug, note the phrase at the bottom (your house is on fire and your children will burn)....that was the point where my mom said ohhhhh, i don't like that one. i love the political statement that is made, there is something so innocent about a child. it is tough to see in the image but there is a photo of a child in the keyhole....I began painting the houses on stilts and they took on a bomb like quality.....i will let you interpret it from there.

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Carol said...


I love your work. What is your favorite painting media? Watercolor? Acrylic? Mixed media? Oil?...

The content is very intense.
I love it!

carol small
(a friend of Nancy)