Tuesday, September 2, 2008

two of a kind

well....it is that time of the years....donate, donate, donate.....between the charities i am not sure if i give more away or sell more....i guess either way they are going to a new home. this piece was made for women for texas a & m....i am supposed to go to some fancy shindig on saturday...they will action these two pieces as a pair. i am not totally thrilled by them but accept them!!!!
i guess we will see how they do on monday.
i plan on working this week so hopefully i will have something new to post soon....i promise no rat skulls.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Hey! I was just surfing the net for charcoal drawings and came across your artwork. And they're amazing!
And I don't mean that in a "pretty good artist" way... I mean that in a "whoa... classic!" way.
You're extremely talented! Hope to see your works in a museum someday!