Thursday, September 25, 2008

a little something

a little mixed media drawing i created felt good. it was a quick piece, about 45 minutes. i love doing work quickly....

Monday, September 22, 2008

a few sleeping souls

i have not had much time to do art since school started but i have been working in my beloved sketchbook. here are a few sleeping souls on board american a way i feel like i am intruding in their lives....i just can not help myself. i have to work very quickly never know when turbulence is going to hit and your model moves!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

two of a kind is that time of the years....donate, donate, donate.....between the charities i am not sure if i give more away or sell more....i guess either way they are going to a new home. this piece was made for women for texas a & m....i am supposed to go to some fancy shindig on saturday...they will action these two pieces as a pair. i am not totally thrilled by them but accept them!!!!
i guess we will see how they do on monday.
i plan on working this week so hopefully i will have something new to post soon....i promise no rat skulls.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

sketchbook 4

almost done

sketchbook 3

i started a new sketchbook about a month ago.....we will see how it goes

sketchbooks 2

i will have to add 5 at a time...hope you enjoy. i truly do love drawing in my pressure


i have so many....i am revisiting, boy how times change.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

9 months

sent with the other and also in the collection of mrs. goerske. it was my first piece using negative space. after re-looking at this piece for the first time in 3 years i think i might revisit the idea. i like the simplicity.

another piece

my first emailed pieces. as you read i am trying to locate work that i have sold in the past. this was a piece that i sold about 3 years ago. it was my first piece with the dressform. it is much larger than the other....oh about 4 feet on masonite. it hung in a show at trahc and the osbourne development. collection of cynthia goerske

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

opening a can of worms

ok....i said i was not going to start posting many of you know i am a devote sketchbooker.....anyway as i was looking through pictures, i found my venice i will post a few and then take pictures of my new ones and post later.....i will see what the comments tell me to do.

going backward

notice these works are going backward....oldest works....i started with my newest pieces but it has been fun to archive my work. so here was my first won best of show...i do still like it, but don't like to look at is funny how so many people say they love making art....i am actually the opposite....making art is a burden...a necessary burden for air, just a part of life...

just me

my first self portrait....i kept this one...once again notice the glasses. maybe my 3rd self portrait in my life i will do without the glasses.....

from the heart

my signature piece for the heart was first in the bridge series. it was auctioned off. collection of Robin Court.

part of the bridge series

this is was a commission. i usually don't care for commissions, it is hard to please someone without them seeing it first. it was done on poplar, mixed media. It is a part of the bridge series i started with the heartball signature series. collections of russell and kathi sapaugh.

a child like faith

a small series i did.....based on a song that i love. i rarely work small....but i should more often because i enjoy it.

stupid flash

i could not bring myself to take these out of the frame so you will each recieve a special gift....a small bright light. this was a series of 6 dress forms. i still love the dress form but have to resist doing it because it is too comfortable.

the figure

a quick stood out so i kept it

it made me happy

it made me i painted it...

a keeper

i usually don't have attachment to pieces....but this paperdoll piece that i created several years ago i have not been able to sell....don't want to. it has an innocence and brings back also addresses the issues that women deal almost has a subversive quality. it is on a masonite cradle....i like to collage on this.


sometimes it is nice to just go for it.....i usually don't paint with oils on paper but i thought why not.....this inspired me to do a plein aire painting....they say when you paint others their characteristics take on yours....i think i a way she looks like me. this painting has no was just because. glasses

i am not sure why but when i do a self portrait i always have my glasses on.....mind you i never wear them in public. this is very large....about 5 feet...i work large often.


inspired by venice.....and my sketchbook. this piece is quite large, mixed media, acrylic, on raw canvas. i am still partial to this one, i will give it a little time and i am sure that will change.

from the ukraine

this was a very large painting of a former student of mine, alla. this is one of those paintings that i will post but not look is the smallest things in a painting that will keep its creator from wanting to revisit it. it is suspended in a frame that i think makes the piece but i could not crop it with the frame in it. this work was exhibited and won an award....can't quite remember what it was.

a study

a study. normally i don't think they can stand alone but this one could. an object with human qualities, a certain sensitivity. collection of dan and cary carson

the simple things

at saic i completed something like 30 paintings in 2 was insane. during my lunches i would also paint. that day i brought my dress and hung it up and decided to paint it in oil life size....ok maybe a little larger. i loved the feeling it gave, it took on its own personality. as i was painting i got very frustrated and the professor came around and asked me if i was trying to paint a photograph....i said "no but the pattern is overwhelming", he told me to put the dress away and paint how i felt about the dress.....i did and it changed my life. it is one of the best art lessons i have ever learned. collection of rachel freeman